11 Places To See Real-Time Cyber Attacks

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Ferdian Alfianto

Ferdian Alfianto

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It is quite exciting to monitor cyber attack activity in real-time around the world. Thousands of websites are hacked every day because of vulnerable files or plugins, as well as misconfigurations on servers.

If you are the owner or administrator of a website, we recommend that you do a security scan of your website for check for vulnerabilities and possible malware.

Here are 11 places you can visit to monitor real-time cyber attack activity:

1. Digital Attack Map

Monitor daily DDoS attacks worldwide with Digital Attack Map . You can filter the map with several options.

Based on the size of the attack:

  • Big
  • Extraordinary
  • Combined

Based on the type of attack:

  • TCP connection
  • Volumetric
  • Fragmentation
  • Application
  • Source & destination port number
  • Duration
Digital Attack Map

2. FireEye

FireEye Cyber ​​Threat Map presents a summary of today's attack totals with the following data:

  • The 5 companies that got the most attacks
  • Most attackers by country

3. Kaspersky

Cyber attack map from Kaspersky shows us the real-time attacks detected by their various systems.

  • Access On-Scanner
  • On-Demand Scanner
  • Web Anti-virus
  • Mail Anti-virus
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Kaspersky Anti-spam
  • Botnet activity detection

4. Threat Cloud

Threat Cloud Check Point's property shows attack data for today and yesterday. Also the option to view the target country and source of attacks.



Proprietary real-time monitoring site AKAMAI shows an overview of network traffic & attacks, which we can filter by region.


6. Threatbutt

Internet attack attribution map by Threatbutt has a very simple appearance. We can see the details of the direct attack such as what software was used to attack by source and destination details.


7. FortiGuard

Data comes from more than 2 million products Fortinet scattered throughout the world. We get a summary view of the attack with source location and severity.


8. Bitdefender

There are three main types of attacks that are visualized on cyber attack map by Bitdefender.

  • Spam
  • Infection
  • Attack

Bitdefender is a leader in the sale of home and business security products.


9. LookingGlass

Real-time data from Cyveillance infection records, malicious URLs and phishing, to direct attacks and infections per second, to botnet activity.


10. Talos

Talos, a Cisco company, owns cyber attack map which shows the highest number of spammers and malware.

Data is collected from Cisco, and third parties around the world. As we can see below, we take a look at the top 10 malware and spammers by volume and country details.


11. Netscout

Netscout has a cyber attack map called Cyber ​​Threat Horizon. Displays DDOS attack activity around the world. We can filter data by bandwidth, source, destination, attack type (UDP, IPv4, DNS), and attack category (Amplification, Volumetric, TCP connection).


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