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Ferdian Alfianto

Ferdian Alfianto

Ferdian Alfianto is an Internet enthusiast, Mac Lover; likes using Wordpress, experimenting with Linux (especially Debian and Ubuntu), tinkering with pfSense routers, happy experimenting with LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MariaDB, PHP) and Redis. You can contact me here.

Introducing the Bookman font collection, consisting of 8 fonts of different types (Serif, Sans, Script) and two styles (Clean and Press). The Bookman font collection has been carefully designed to create elegant typographic masterpieces. Apart from fonts, it also contains 16 logo templates that are editable in Adobe Illustrator (CS & CC) and includes hand-drawn Flatline Designs. It will be the perfect choice for designing t-shirts, logos, posters and magazines, eye-catching typography designs, and much more.


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MongoDB logo

Easy to Install MongoDB on Ubuntu 20.04

This tutorial explains how to install and configure MongoDB Community Edition on Ubuntu 20.04. MongoDB is a free, open-source document database. Belongs to the so-called database family

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Handscript, a handwritten font with a beautiful texture on all characters.

Ferghaus Sans

Ferghaus, a modern sans serif font. This all-caps lettering is crafted with great attention to detail, giving a design a clean, crisp feel. Packed with

Sugar Cane font

Sugar Cane by Uniontype is a fresh and light multilingual script, inspired by a vintage monoline font. It provides advanced typography support with contextual alternatives,