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Easy to Install MongoDB on Ubuntu 20.04

This tutorial explains how to install and configure MongoDB Community Edition on Ubuntu 20.04. MongoDB is a free, open-source document database. Belongs to the so-called database family

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Tutorial on Install Deluge Torrent on Ubuntu Server 18.04

This article will explain the tutorial to install Deluge Torrent on Ubuntu Server 18.04. What is Deluge Torrent? Deluge Torrent is a lightweight, free and open source BitTorrent software (GPL3); which is available for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Windows.


Aclocal solution: not found on Ubuntu

When I installed s3fs on Ubuntu, it got an error: ./ 38: ./ aclocal: not found This happened when I executed the command ./ root @ ubuntu-2gb-nbg1-1: / usr / src / s3fs-fuse# ./ -


EasyEngine v4 Install Tutorial & Benchmark Results

On November 22, 2018, rtCamp as the developer of EasyEngine, has released EasyEngine version 4 which has a very different structure from previous releases. So that rtCamp released


Easily Build OpenVPN Server with Pritunl

Previously I have written a tutorial to build an OpenVPN server on Centos 5, but there is no control panel to manage servers and users; all must be done via


Install EasyEngine on Vultr IPv6 VPS

IPv6 VPS is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) which only has an IP address version 6. In general, VPS service providers provide IP version 4 (IPv4) addresses,

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World's First Website

On 6 August 1991, without fanfare, British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee published his first website while working at CERN, the large particle physics laboratory.