Clean Blocks: Free Multipurpose WordPress Theme Compatible With Gutenberg

Clean Blocks

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Ferdian Alfianto

Ferdian Alfianto

Ferdian Alfianto is an Internet enthusiast, Mac Lover; likes using Wordpress, experimenting with Linux (especially Debian and Ubuntu), tinkering with pfSense routers, happy experimenting with LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MariaDB, PHP) and Redis. You can contact me here.

Last week's Catch Themes has just released WordPress free theme. This design is suitable for businesses, agencies, freelancers, and other professionals who need excellent content, portfolio, testimonials and blog features.

Clean Block has compatibility with Gutenberg as it supports all core blocks (core blocks) and has some enhanced block models.

There's really no need to mention that the theme is compatible with Gutenberg, as this editor has been part of the WordPress core since early December 2018. However, more than half of WordPress users (~ 55%) did not update to version 5.0+. At least 30% is still using version 4.9, even 25% is still using the older version.

WordPress Version User Comparison

Not many theme makers have made their products have special features for Gutenberg. This theme from Clean Block doesn't really fall into this category, because although it basically allows users on WordPress 5.0+ to continue using the new editor (Gutenberg) without any display issues, it is also compatible with previous versions of WordPress (4.8+ ) which is still using the old editor.

Clean Blocks recommends its users to install the plugin collection from Catch Themes upon theme activation. This plugin takes care of things like galleries, infinite scroll, Instagram feeds, widgets, and plugins to add content type. This theme includes dozens of customization options (Customizer) to manage nearly every aspect of how content is displayed - from the length of the citation to the categories displayed on the home page, to the color of the header text.

Check demo version for free to see all features.

Most of the features on Clean Blocks seen in the demo are controlled via the Customizer. For example, features like Testimonials and Services (Services) is not available as a block. While some theme creators typically choose to integrate features like this by pairing their themes with other block plugins, Catch Themes has already incorporated it all into the Customizer.

Although compatible with Gutenberg, many themes sometimes still have problems between the backend and frontend, where certain features can only be configured in the Customizer. These customization issues are sometimes required for this transition process, before the block can really handle the complex aspects of customizing a WordPress site.

Clean Blocks is an example of a multipurpose theme that basically keeps things out of date when it comes to content customization, while providing basic Gutenberg compatibility for users running WordPress 5.0+. This theme available at and was downloaded several hundred times in its first week.


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