Download Torrent Files Using IDM (Internet Download Manager)

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Download torrent files using a torrent client of some kind uTorrent or LimeWire not necessarily getting the maximum speed. There are several factors that download torrent can be fast or slow, for example the number of seeders, the more seeding, the greater the bandwidth you get for downloading (leeching). Then the seeder upload speed factor, as we know torrents use peer-to-peer (p2p) connections to connect between users, and usually the home connections used by seeders are not all good.

Apart from connection factors that are not always good, some ISPs sometimes impose blocking torrent paths. To bypass the blocking from the ISP, and also to make torrent downloads faster, we need a third party to download the torrent file we want, then from a third party we will download the file using IDM or other download manager applications. So the diagram looks like this:


The advantage of using this third-party service is that torrent download speeds are much faster because the average server has greater bandwidth to the Internet. Second, our computers don't have to be on when the process is downloading from a torrent server to a third-party server. Then the download connection from our computer to a third party server will be better and more stable. We can also bypass if the p2p connection is blocked by the ISP. And finally, our IP will be safe from being accused of downloading torrent files.

The third party I mean here is offers torrent file download services and file hosting services such as DepositFiles & LetitBit. Apart from the paid plans, also has a free plan, of course with feature limitations. However, for those who only want to download torrent files that are not more than 5 GB in size, I think the free package is quite capable.


I have personally been a member since 4 months ago by taking the Basic package for $1.99 per month, very cheap & very, very good performance.

Please read the features of the free package that provides at Click "Sign-Up" to register.

After completing registration, please login to start downloading the torrent file. Click the "Download Torrent" button to start leeching (see image below).


After that a pop-up display as below will appear


There are two ways to download torrent files. The first is by copying & definitely a magnetic link, or by uploading a torrent file that we previously downloaded from the site.

I usually find magnetic links on the bittorrent tracker site, one of my favorites is The Pirate Bay. When you find the torrent file you want on the bittorrent tracker site, copy the magnetic link and paste it in the pop-up box, and click the download button to the right of it. An example of the appearance of a magnetic file is as shown below


After pressing the download button, FileStream will carry out the process of retrieving file information. After the file information comes out, press the Download button again to start the download process.

The download process can take a long time, sometimes it can be fast. It depends on the factors that I have previously mentioned. When the download is complete, FileStream will send an email informing you that the torrent download process is complete and the file is ready to be downloaded with IDM.
If the file is ready to be downloaded, on the right side of the file a download link will appear with a zip icon image (see the following image)


Select one of the download links that you want, whether using port 80 (http), or port 433 (Secure link / https), see the picture below. If you use IDM, after clicking the download link, IDM will automatically take over the download process from the browser.



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