Flockmail by Rumahweb: Complete Tutorial and Review.

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Flockmail is a business email service recently launched by Rumahweb which is noted to have features that are not inferior to Google's G-Suite, there are even certain features that G-Suite does not have. Flockmail itself is part of the Flock application, a collaboration and communication application for team performance, which includes email (flockmail), audio and video calls, as well as work productivity and project management tools.

Flockmail Features

Some of the great features of Flockmail are:

  • Can use your own domain name (email@yourdomain.com)
  • 10 GB to 30 GB capacity per email account.
  • It has apps for Android and iOS for mobile, and desktop apps available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Also available for Google Chrome.
  • Video Conference for 8 to 50 participants.
  • Contact Book
  • Calendar
  • Supports Webmail, POP and IMAP
  • There is already antivirus and SPAM protection for incoming email.
  • Video calls screen sharing for presentations and collaboration.

While the specific features for the email:

  • Email by Thread
    Conversations in the same subject will be displayed in the thread. Make it easier for us to follow all the conversations on the same topic more easily. Gmail / G-Suite users must be familiar with this feature.
  • Advanced Search
    Mencari arsip email dengan mudah dan cepat. Cari email apapun dari mailbox dengan lebih mudah dan cepat berdasarkan email pengirim/penerima, subject, tanggal, dan kata kunci tertentu.
  • Follow-up Reminder
    Often offers that are sent just pass by because we forget to follow up. Reminder will remind us when we have to follow up the email we send.
  • Snooze Email
    Busy and received an important email that you can't respond to right now? Just snooze first. The email will return to the inbox at the right time where we can respond more comfortably. Minimizes distractions and makes us more focused.
  • Read Receipts
    See if the recipient of the email has read it, clicked the link in it, and downloaded the attachment. Track all the emails we send easily and effectively.
  • Undo Send
    Ini adalah fitur keren yang tidak kita temui di layanan email lainnya. Pernah salah kirim email? Kita pasti pernah melakukannya – typo, lupa attachment, mengirimkan ke alamat yang salah. Dengan fitur Undo Send we can cancel the sending of the wrong e-mail, so that we can work more carefully and confidently.

This tutorial will discuss more about the settings for using the email feature from Flockmail, rather than other features.


To get Flockmail service, please visit the page Flockmail by Rumahweb. There are two options, Professional and Enterprise. Please choose according to your needs. The price shown is for 1 flockmail account (eg email1@yourdomain.com), if you need 5 email accounts, you must buy 5 flockmail accounts. Select the desired payment period, available from monthly to per year. Click "Order" to start purchasing, and fill in the purchase form requested.

Flockmail Pricing


After the order process is complete and you have made a payment, you will receive a welcome email containing a link to log in to the Flockmail control panel, along with your username and password. Examples of email content can be seen below:

Flockmail Welcome Email

Click on the link "Open Control Panel“, And enter your username and password. After the control panel page opens, make sure the domain name is correct according to the email address you want to create, by checking the domain name listed in the upper right corner. Like the example below, I use a domain tutswebid.xyz to compose an email root@tutswebid.xyz.

Then click the button "Create New Email Account“, And enter the email name you want to create and the password for login.

Create New Email Account

After successfully created, you can try logging into webmail by clicking the button "Access webmail", And enter the email name you just created and the password. But your email is not ready to be used, because we need DNS settings so that email can receive and send email properly and correctly.


So that e-mail can be used to send and receive messages, we must set the MX and SPF records for the domain that we use for e-mail. Please set the DNS domain with the following information:

Type: MX

  • TTL: 3600
  • Priority: 10
  • Destination: mx1.flockmail.com

Type: MX

  • TTL: 3600
  • Priority: 20
  • Destination: mx2.flockmail.com

Type: TXT

  • TTL: 3600
  • Destination: v = spf1 include: spf.flockmail.com ~ all

For example, here is my domain DNS management using Cloudflare, so the DNS settings for Flockmail look like this:

Flockmail DNS

Test… Test..Test

Now Flockmail email can be used to send and receive email. But before you use it to work, it's good if we test first, how reliable Flockmail sends emails. Will all the emails we send go to the inbox, or will they even go to the junk / spam box?

For that, we will use services mail tester from Mail-Tester.com, by opening its web page which is located at https://www.mail-tester.com. Copy the email address listed at "First, Send Your Email to:". Open the Flockmail webmail, and try sending an email to the address given by Mail-Tester.com; give the email title "Test Flockmail" and fill in any email. Then send the email.

After you send the email, now go back to the Mail-Tester.com web page, and click the button "Then Check Your Score". Furthermore, Mail-Tester will analyze the quality of the email we send. And the results will be displayed as shown below:

The results from the Mail-Tester show the quality of emails from Flockmail with a score 6.6 of a perfect score 10. With the conclusion that not all e-mails will go to the inbox, it is likely to end up in the junk / spam box. The greater the value, the better the quality of the e-mail setup; vice versa, the smaller the score, will allow more email into the junk / spam box.

Mail-Tester notes what makes the email score less. Click on each description, a detailed description will appear.


Setting yang mudah, fitur-fitur yang cukup bagus, harga yang terjangkau, dukungan aplikasi untuk bermacam platform, dan juga support 24 jam dari pihak Rumahweb, Flockmail bisa jadi alternatif email bisnis yang bisa dipertimbangkan. Namun ada catatan yang harus diperbaiki oleh pihak Flockmail dan Rumahweb, perihal skor Mail-Tester yang terbilang kurang memuaskan.



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