How to Download Torrent Files on Android

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Ferdian Alfianto

Ferdian Alfianto

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If I have previously written how to download torrent files using IDM (Internet Download Manager), so on this occasion I will post how to download torrent files on Android.

Sama seperti sebelumnya, kita akan memanfaatkan layanan “middle man”, yakni offers torrent file download services and file hosting services such as, Turbobit, DepositFiles, Letitbit & 4Shared. Apart from the paid plans, also has a free plan, of course with feature limitations. For those who don't know how works, you can click the link I mentioned above.

For those who don't have an account at, please register here. Exclusively for visitors, if you register using the link, you will get a FREE TRIAL for 7 days! And you will also get a $1 deposit which you can use to sign up for the Basic Package (Express 7 days). Not bad :)

The 7 day FREE TRIAL package has limitations:
- The size of one torrent file is limited to a maximum of 5 GB
- Maximum number of simultaneous downloads of torrent files is 5.
- Downloads per IP are limited to a maximum of 30.
- Maximum download speed.
- The highest priority service (high priority).

After 7 days, your account will automatically change to the FREE FOREVER package and the restrictions will change to:
- The size of one torrent file that can be downloaded is limited to a maximum of 1 GB.
- The maximum number of simultaneous downloads of torrent files is 2.
- Downloads per IP are limited to a maximum of 10.
- No guarantee of maximum download speed.
- The lowest priority service (low priority).

The above limits can be changed by purchasing a premium rate. For example, if you only have a torrent file size capacity, there is a rate of $0.20 per GB. For a list of prices for the service, please see here. You can also use the invitation program, to increase the torrent file size limit (single file).

Ok, after registering, we will first download the Filestream application file for Android. Please download at Google PlayStore, or you can download it via the main page of the website (see image below)


Access the site ( from Android using your favorite browser. Search for the link "Download Android Application Free“, download & instal.
When finished installing, the Filestream icon as below will appear. Run the Filestream application by clicking on the icon.



Please login with the username & password that you created earlier.



After logging in, you will see an interface like the one below.


  1. This menu is used to view account owner information, payment history, activity logs, incoming messages, application settings & data refresh.
  2. Used to make payments & see the price list for each package.
  3. Menu to exit the application.
  4. Used to play files. However, I tried to play and there was no response, maybe there is a bug in this button.
  5. To download files from file hosting services such as Leititbit, DepositFiles, 4Shared, Turbobit &
  6. To download torrent files.
  7. To upload files to your account. You can use the service to save files. As long as your account is active, files will remain.
  8. Untuk membuat folder baru.
  9. To move files to another folder.
  10. To delete files.

Now, please find the torrent file that you want to download. For example, I wanted to download an mp3 file from Imagine Dragons, so I looked for the mp3 file on The Pirate Bay.
If you have found the torrent file you want to download, copy the magnet download link (see image below).


Then go back to the android application, click menu 6 to download the torrent file. Filestream lets you choose the type of torrent you want to download, whether it's a magnetic link or a torrent file.


Paste the magnet link that you want to download in the "Paste the MAGNET link". And click the button "Check". Then Filestream will check and download the torrent file.

Downloading videos


To download a folder, click the down arrow button next to the folder, and select the Zip-shaped icon (see picture):


As for downloads per file, please open the downloaded file folder. Click the down arrow on the file you want to download, then select the download button. (view image)


Downloaded files are automatically saved to the Downloads folder. Open the Music application on your Android. song files will automatically be recognized and ready to be enjoyed.


1. In addition to being downloaded, files can also be streamed directly. can stream audio and video files.
2. Apart from enjoying it on your Android device, the audio or video that you have downloaded can be streamed directly to your Smart TV! Isn't that amazing? :)


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