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Ferdian Alfianto

Ferdian Alfianto

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After previously I gave easy tutorial download songs from iTunes / Apple Music; On this occasion I present a tutorial on how to easily download songs from Spotify.

In order to download from Spotify, we need an application called Spytify. The way Spytify works is exactly the same as the doubleTwist Airplay Recorder which I use to download songs from iTunes / Apple Music, namely by recording the songs that are played on Spotify.

Spytify works well on Spotify Free, but I recommend using Spotify Premium because the bitrate of the recorded audio can be higher, of course it will affect the sound quality.
On Spotify Free, the audio quality will only be stuck at 120 kbps, while for Spotify Premium it can be up to 320 kbps.

Spytify only runs on the Windows platform.

Spytify Features

Some of Spytify's other cool features are:

FREE. Yes, this application is available for free on Github, we just have to download, install and use it.
AD-FREE. If you are using Spotify Free, then Spytify will brilliantly bypass the advertisements, and the results of the recording will be clean of ads.
SOUNDING OTHER APPLICATIONS. Because Spytify records songs directly from the PC sound card, so as not to mix with the sound of other applications, Spytify can turn off the sound from other applications.
NORMALIZING THE VOLUME. Able to normalize the same volume presented by Spotify.

How to Download

Please download the Spytify installer here, install and run.

In the "Settings" tab, follow the following settings:

  1. Output Path: The location where the recorded file will be saved.
  2. Audio Device: Which sound device will Spytify use as source for recording.
  3. Audio Quality: If you are using Spotify Premium, set it to 320 kbps, for the Free one it will only get stuck at 120 kbps.
  4. Minimal Length: The minimum duration that spotify will record.

Being on the "Advanced Settings" tab:

  1. If you want to change the song file name to a number (ex: 001.mp3), set it to ON.
  2. If you want to add the song sequence number in front of the file name (for example: 001_lagu-downloaded.mp3), set it to ON.
  3. If you want Spitify to collect songs in a folder by artist, set it to ON.
  4. If you want to change the space in the song file name to an underscore (for example, from "Downloaded Song.mp3" to "Lagu_Yang_Di-Download.mp3"), set it to ON.
  5. Set to ON if you want to duplicate the song file that was previously recorded, if it is OFF then Spytify will skip and not record the song.

If so, run Spytify by clicking "Start". If Spotify not yet on, then Spytify will automatically run Spotify.
Run the song you want to record, then Spytify will automatically do its job properly.


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