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Ferdian Alfianto

Ferdian Alfianto

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Mampukah server website anda menghandle 250 pengunjung secara simultan  dalam 60 detik? Bagaimana dengan 1000 pengunjung dalam 30 detik? Cukup tangguh kah server anda melayani ratusan atau ribuan pengunjung secara bersamaan tanpa ada error atau timeout? Dengan layanan load & performance testing from Flash, you can do "stress test"On your server. The results of the analysis from will help you reconfigure your server, so that if suddenly your site is visited by many people, the server will still be able to serve properly, quickly, without errors & timeouts.

How Does Blitz Work?


When the command is executed, Blitz will create a virtual visitor (virtual user) from several locations we want. These virtual visitors will try to access your website, just like real visitors. These virtual visitors simultaneously with a predetermined time frequency will visit your website. Blitz will analyze the performance of the access results for these virtual visitors. And at the end of the test, we can see the server performance statistics, which will help make improvements to the server configuration to make it more optimal.

How to use the flash

Please visit Blitz website, and please register first before we can start doing the test. Click "Free Signup" and fill out the registration form, or to make it faster, you can register using a Google or Facebook account. As a free user, you will get 10 credits which you can use to try the Blitz service. 1 credit is equal to 1 minute & 1000 virtual users. If you need a 2 minute test & 1000 virtual users, 2 credits will be counted. Complete information can be seen on the page pricing.
With 10 credits, you can do 10 tests. If you need additional credit, you can buy $1 per credit.

After successful registration, please login. After you log in, the "Query URL" box will appear. Enter the following command:

-p 1-250: 60 -r california

-p mean pattern, where you can set how many virtual users and the desired duration. The example above I used 1 to 250 virtual users with a duration of 1 minute (60 seconds). You can adjust as you wish.

-r is region, where you can choose the location of the Blitz server you want to use. There are 8 server options to choose from, namely California, Oregon, Virginia, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, Japan or singapore. For the example above, I chose California because it is close to my server location in San Francisco. If your server is in Indonesia, the closest location is of course Singapore.

At the end, replace with your website address. You can do a front page test, or another page.

NOTE: Before we press the "RUN" button, pay attention to the display to the right of the button. In the column "Required Amount of Credits", Mentioned"This test needs 1 out of 10 credits". This means that our credit will be reduced by 1 automatically after executing the order. The reduced credit amount will be calculated automatically according to the desired test configuration.

When ready, please press the RUN button.

An error will appear that says "Authorize Error", And under the query url column will appear the words" has not been authorized“.  Ini normal karena anda belum memberikan ijin kepada Blitz untuk melakukan test ini. Cara termudah untuk memberikan ijin adalah dengan membuat file txt dan mengupload ke situs anda. Nama file txt ini harus sesuai dengan Authorization URL requested by Blitz. Each Blitz user has a different url authorization code. An example of an authorization url is like this:  mu-f383aeda-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-ae6b17c2.txt.
Fill in your authorization url with numeric writing "42Only. Then upload it to your server's root directory, and try to access in the browser. If there are no problems, the number 42 will appear.

Now please press the RUN button again.

While the test is running, you can see in real-time the response times & hit rates. If there is a problem, an error & timeout report will appear. And at the end of the test, Blitz will display highlights & a complete report on your server's performance. In the analysis section, you can see how many hits are generated by Blitz, duration, data transferred, response time, and hits / day. The higher the hits / day value, the more resilient your server will be when it handles many visitors.

Here's an example of my server report:


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