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Ferdian Alfianto

Ferdian Alfianto

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This morning I received an email notification from Cloudflare that it is service Cloudflare WARP already available for Windows & Mac OS, but still in Beta stage.

This application can run requires a minimum of OS Windows 10 64bit update 1909, and for Mac at least Mac OS Catalina (10.15). So first make sure the OS system is as needed, before you install this application.

Please download the Cloudflare WARP application here.

The installation method is very easy, just download & install. The interface is similar to the version on a smartphone. Just slide the button, this application immediately works.

NOTE: Restart the computer when finished installing. This must be done, to avoid problems with our Internet connection.

Warp Off
Warp ON

Same as the version on smartphones, there are 2 choices of operating modes, namely DNS Query mode only, or the entire connection mode is encrypted by Cloudflare WARP this. If you only need DNS free from ISP hijack, choose DNS Query instead. And the switch method is easy, you just have to right-click the application icon at the bottom right of the screen, and select “” to only query DNS, and select it " with WARP" for all traffic encryption.


Cloudflare Warp also provides setting options & other information. If you click the "Preferences" menu, the preferences screen will appear.

On the tab General, your connection information will appear, such as operating mode, dns protocol, server location, connection type, public IP & Device ID.

On the tab "Connection", here you can set:

  1. Disable for all Wi-Fi networks, if you check this option, the Cloudflare WARP application will be deactivated if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Disable for all wired networks, this option lets you disable this application if you are connected to the network via cable.
  3. DNS Protocol, you can choose what protocol is used to perform dns queries, whether the WARP protocol, DNS via the HTTPS port, or DNS via TLS.
  4. for Families, allowing safety for the family. If you choose "None", then there is no protection, all dns queries or connections will be opened as wide as possible. "Block Malware", your connection will be protected from malware. Moderate "Block Malware and Adult Content", protects connections from malware and adult websites. If your computer is shared with your family, I recommend using the last option.

On the tab "Account", you will be shown the License Key information. You can use any other key you may have, by clicking the button "Use Different Key“.

On the tab Feedback, you can send suggestions, feedback, bug information, etc. to the Cloudflare WARP application development team.

In the last tab, DNS Logs, you can see the log information of the dns query results from this application.

Thus the information on the Cloudflare WARP application, hopefully this is useful.


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